About the Administration

The General Administration for Maintenance and Services was established by the decision of His Excellency, the President of the University No. (27/32/1/S) and dated 6/21/1432 AH under the name (Administration of Projects and General Services). In the year 1442 AH, a decision was issued by the President of the University to include the Housing Department and change the name of the department to become the “General Administration for Maintenance and Services.” It is keen to provide the best services to all sectors of the university, as it began its journey by implementing a series of projects to meet the required stander and provide the minimum level of infrastructure for the university. In addition, the administration worked to provide support services to the university, including general maintenance of the university buildings and providing security and safety services in the university facilities. These are considered among the support services indispensable for any institution.

Dr. Hamad bin Ghazi Al-Ruwaili
General Manager of Maintenance and Services Department

Management vision and mission

The Vision

Leadership and excellence in providing utility services with the highest international standards.


The message

We are working to provide a comfortable and safe environment to achieve the principles of institutional excellence and sustainable development to serve the community and the environment.



Management Goals


  • Determine the standards and technical specifications required for the operation and maintenance of the university.
  • Raising the quality of facilities to achieve its goals more efficiently.
  • All university equipment, buildings and facilities should be in excellent operational condition.
  • Apply the principles of occupational safety and health and environmental protection in all university facilities.
  • Achieving standards of quality and excellence by measuring performance indicators.